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3 min readApr 6, 2021


To try and analyze the origin of art is like placing a finger on time, describing it and its beginning, which in the most literal sense has always been there. However, to bring into record how the term ‘Art’ revolutionized through centuries with changing perceptions, techniques, and a roller coaster ride of emotions is undoubtedly plausible.

We present to you art portraying similar minds and values. This original collection of diverse art pieces weaves together everything from ancient art history to a modern outlook on matters among those which deeply link human emotions and above all does what art is supposed for, i.e., ‘make a statement.

Doing justice to the title Yellow space, this particular piece of art tells a journey by itself. The peaceful shade of blue and the igniting yet amber-like shades of yellow, brown, and gold bring out a dramatic spectacle right out of any space it covers. Look closely and you will find whatever you wish to acknowledge in this piece and more.

The geometry of this acrylic-based painting titled Greenland is a unique abstract masterpiece. There are contrasting strokes as there are those which blend with the background like dew over a green morning. A lot is going on behind the scenes, look closely can you tell?

This piece artist titled as the mountain is nothing less than brilliant and well-thought strokes of his inspiration from nature. The piece embarks a unique character to space and works well with all kinds of ambiance and setup. There are never-ending strides to this magnificent piece for anyone willing to dig deep.

The world is a mystery and so is the purpose of this excellent piece, Orange space: which the artist has quite brilliantly portrayed on the canvas. This acrylic-based art piece pictures chaos in nature as it does the calm that comes with it. serving different images of nature for everyone who looks at it is the prime charm of this exceptional and one of its kind piece.

Titled as shape this piece of art is surely a curious case out of various other pieces by the artist. The bold, exquisite, and courageous choice of pallets in an attempt to acknowledge the true form of nature might exist on a single canvas but does it really? There is depth behind each set stroke of this piece not everyone can tell apart.

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