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3 min readMar 24, 2021


Expression, at its roots, is a form from which we portray the unknown & the unnamed. Expressions acknowledge & reveal the hidden motifs; it transfers & intervenes as well. Human life & the world are full of happiness, chaos, and complexities and to understand this philosophy expressions come into play: in ways of characteristics, beliefs and feelings. The expression is a way of communication for the artists to the viewer to thrive upon the given circumstances and understand the nuances of hidden meaning in it. As we know that art is capable of translating life’s dichotomies & it gives it a form so that we can understand, observe, perceive & experience it.

4. Sekar Roy

Humans are the best creation of the creator. The mixture of bravery & intellect by which they have approached and established their supremacy among others. This is my observation and I always put my strokes very distinctively and boldly to highlight God’s best creation. By nature, every human being is a combination of vibrant colors. It means the different shades of different moods. My intention is always to make them happy. That is why I like to use bright colors to depict their happiness. I am very much influenced by Indian mythological characters and Indian music, especially the style of Bengal folk. Most of my works depict the Indian musical culture and different sources of local musical diversification.

3. Ravi Kattakuri

I am working with mixed media works, especially forms from nature. These have been an essential and recurring motif in my works. Through these, I would like to depict my personal thoughts. The themes are based entirely on human emotions and feelings of day-to-day life and Mood. I could understand and appreciate the linear decorative aspects as well as the rhythmic articulation of form in defining and narrating conceptual ideas. My work has captured dreams, colorful, simple, and evocative.

2. Anshu Pancholi

In my artwork, I maintain a color constant medium. I delineate towards forming figures into those colors. My trademark style of not mixing colors and keeping things constant at a point and diverging from that point to form visible figures in them is extraordinary. It is like a person is constant but his circumstances and experiences change every day. I like to bring notice to life? impermanence and instability. This always gives a sound effect and meaning to my art pieces.

1. Ravi Thakur

The world is an illusion or reality or something different from this illusion and reality, don’t know, it is an experience that matters and feelings that make us unique. As Bhagwat Geeta says, ‘ Change is the rule of life.’ Everything should flow, and we see that everything migrates on this planet, the time migrates, people migrate, situations change, everything changes every second. I am Ravi Thakur and I am a migrator. In life and in the art field, I understand art and life from my point of view.

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